The fastest way to move crypto between exchanges

3 min readJun 10, 2021

Bransfer moves crypto from one exchange to another in just 1–2 minutes. No confirmation time, instantly available for trading. If that’s not enough, we do it 5 times cheaper than exchanges. If you want to move your BTC or USDT from Coinbase to Binance, or from Huobi to KuCoin, instead of paying a 30$ transaction fee and waiting for decades to get it confirmed and tradable in another exchange, you can use Bransfer and pay 6$ and get your assets tradable in another exchange in a minute.

Sounds crazy? Watch the video.

3 Simple steps:

  • Register in
  • Connect your exchanges from where you want to move money
  • Use the address provided by Bransfer for initiating a withdrawal

We use a group of accounts in each supported exchange. By the time of writing this post: Binance, Kucoin, and Huobi are fully operational. Coinbase and are under active development.

Bransfer business flow

When you want to move money from, let's say, Huobi to Binance. We provide you one of our accounts in Huobi. You initiate a withdrawal to that account, and you don’t pay fees, and it gets instantly settled in our account. We detect this and initiate a withdrawal from our Binance account to your Binance account, which we queried by using your API-Keys provided before.

You need to register in Bransfer, do the configurations once, and use the address provided by Bransfer whenever and how much you want. Bransfer will do everything automatically. So your routine doesn’t change, you withdraw to address as always, and everything else is done under the hood.

You can have a legit question and ask:
“You use internal transactions, and you don’t pay fees; why you charge 6$ from me?”
And as we pointed this question out for you, it means we have the answer:
“We don't charge exactly 6$. Our fees are dynamic; you pay 5 times less than the exchange fee. Because we have to do settlement transactions periodically to balance crypto in our accounts.”

Another legit question may raise:
“Who are you? How I trust you?”

Bransfer’s founders (from left Babken, Ruben, Aram)

Here we are, you can read about us more on our website:

A week before, we joined Stacks Accelerator. We use Stacks Blockchain to store transaction proofs.

Currently, we are in closed beta; after registering, you will be automatically assigned to the waiting list. It usually takes few days to wait, but you will get a 100% discount for your first 5 transactions as a bonus.

After registering, we strongly recommend you retrieve your referral link from your account settings and share it with your friends. We have a referral program releasing very soon. Whit this program, you will earn a portion of fees collected from your referred users.

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